Teaching Evaluations

The quotes and scores are taken from my previous MBA course "Business Strategies for Sustainability" taught at Schulich School of Business, York University, Fall 2017. It was the first course that I designed and instructed with full responsibility. The MBA course was also open to Master students with a natural science background.


"Syllabus was very comprehensive, reading materials were incredibly relevant and practical, amazing class discussions."


"Good insights into the world of sustainability. Opened my eyes."

"Sylvia was enthusiastic about the topic and had a lot to offer in terms of teaching."


"Sylvia did an excellent job teaching the class. She brought a lot of energy and expertise, and was able to engage the class in interesting class

discussions. I thought her marking was fair, and her course administration was too. I liked, if you were a little late on

something, she would still accept it."


"I really like Sylvia's engagement, thoughtful feedback, and passion for the subject. She cared about our academic development and pushing our innovative thinking."


"Open conversations amongst the class sparked a lot of interest and in depth learning. I found that concepts stuck with me as the whole class really discussed topics in depth."

"As a new instructor, she did a great job at redesigning and conducting this course."

Numerical Scores (1= strongly disagree, 7= strongly agree)

The course helped me grow intellectually: 6.42/7.

The course encourages critical thinking skills such as problem-solving definition, decision making, judgment, analysis and evaluation: 6.17/7.

The instructor was organized and well prepared: 6.52/7.

The instructor created and maintained a classroom environment that was conducive to learning: 6.16/7.

The instructor dealt effectively with student's questions and comments: 6.04/7. 

The course materials helped me achieve the course objectives: 6.62/7.